The mosquito goes through four distinct stages during its life cycle:

  1. egg – hatches in water, eggs may be laid grouped into rafts or individually, may be laid on the water surface or just above, waiting for water to rise
  2. larva – also known as “wiggler” since it wiggles through water, sheds its skin several times and breathes air at the surface
  3. pupa – also known as “tumbler” for the way it tumbles in water, the stage that mosquito changes into an adult, similar to a butterfly cocoon
  4. adult – emerges onto water surface then flies away after body parts have hardened

The female adult will take a blood meal to develop eggs and start the cycle over again. The time for this cycle may vary depending on species of mosquito and the weather. An average life cycle is about 2 weeks. Water is a very necessary part of the cycle.

Break the Cycle

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