Have you experienced unsanitary conditions at a restaurant? Do you have problems with rats or mosquitoes? Do you need a septic tank permit?

We can help.

You may use this form to report concerns about activities that may be of public health concern. You can also give us a call at 404-508-7900. Click the topic below to review the individual program section for more information.

Items to report include:

  1. Body crafting health concerns
  2. Food safety concerns at a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, catering facility, or other facility food serving food directly to the public
  3. Hotel or motel health concerns
  4. Request a mosquito assessment
  5. Request help with rodents (rats and mice)
  6. Failing septic system
  7. Request an inspection, permit or a certification letter for a septic system
  8. Swimming pool, spa or beach concerns
  9. Request well water testing

Note: Your request information is not opened on the weekend or on holidays. This website is maintained by non-medical staff and should not be used as a substitute for contacting a physician in the case of individual illness. If you have a medical emergency, call 9-1-1or go to the nearest hospital with an emergency department.

We do not respond to customer service complaints such as rude wait staff, slow service times or refunds. Please report these incidents to the location management or corporate offices.

Please call us directly at 404-508-7900 with the following concerns or requests:
  1. If you suspect you have become ill as a result of eating at a food service establishment
  2. If you are bitten by an animal
  3. To request a home quarantine (only for pets that are up to date on their rabies vaccine)
  4. For information concerning your establishment permit, plan reviews and fees

Click here to complete the form to report an environmental health issue.