If you have had a negative experience at a food service facility that you would like to report to our Department, please follow the instructions below.

Note: We do not handle basic customer service complaints such as rude wait staff, slow service times or refunds. Please report these incidents to the restaurant’s management or corporate offices.

For complaints regarding a retail grocery store, convenience store, processing facility or warehouse, please contact:
Georgia Department of Agriculture
Phone: (404) 656-3621

For complaints regarding a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, catering facility, or other facility food directly to the public within DeKalb County, please contact us:

DeKalb County Board of Health
Division of Environmental Health
445 Winn Way, Suite 320
Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: (404) 508-7900
Fax: (404) 508-7979
Email: Dekalb.EH@dph.ga.gov.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Your Name, Address and Phone Number (your information will remain anonymous to the restaurant)
  2. Name of restaurant
  3. Location/address of the restaurant
  4. Date of incident
  5. Nature of complaint

If you suspect you became ill from this incident, please see contact us immediately at (404) 508-7900. You will need to give specific information about the suspected foods that made you sick, as well as when your symptoms began, and what they were.  In addition, you will need to give a 3-day food eating history.